Fundraising, Coffee, and Talent – Oh My!

This year, the Young Democrats club organized their own coffeehouse fundraiser to help support the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the area. This creative fundraiser perfectly represented our unique, gifted student body, while simultaneously raising $742 for the victims of Hurricane Maria! With the help of Kate Christy, Mr. Henry, and the dedicated club members, the night was a huge success, with acts ranging from singing to dramatic readings to sign language — an incredible variety of talents. 

If you didn’t have the chance to witness the many talented acts of the night, don’t worry! We have compiled videos of select acts, along with some of our own commentary, so that we can bring the show to you, so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Donovan Menard; MC


As the emcee of the event, Donovan Menard stood before the crowd and produced joke after joke. Throughout the night, the audience members stayed entertained and the energy levels stayed high.  After enjoying the wonderful acts, everyone looked forward to his silly comments and crowd-pleasing banter. Donovan truly pulled the whole show together, and basically became a side act himself.

Samantha Charwat, Olivia Reinebach, Sierra Moench, and Sanjana Ratakonda; ASL rendition of Hamilton hit, “Schuyler Sisters”

Samantha, Olivia, Sierra, and Sanjana really stole the show with their ASL rendition of “The Schuyler Sisters.” Not only did their performance exhibit MLHS’s school-wide love for the popular Broadway musical Hamilton, it also beautifully represented the deaf and hard-of-hearing students at MLHS. The brilliantly staged performance mesmerized the audience, and the girls signed flawlessly. Enhanced by the girls’ clear passion for ASL, this one-of-a-kind act brought the world of sign language to life for the audience.

Video 3: Mackenzie Johnson;  Singing


Mackenzie’s amazing performance acted as the ultimate finale to an incredible night. Belting the touching, beautiful lyrics to Adele’s “Million Years Ago,” Mackenzie blew the audience away with her strong and beautiful voice. Her stage presence was truly captivating.

Video 4: Kate Christy; Singing


Kate stole the show with her amazing performance of the song “Dead” by Madison Bear. The song choice was perfectly suited to her voice and really showcased all of her unique talents. Everyone’s jaw dropped as she unleashed her sweet, beautiful voice — without a doubt, this was one of the best acts of the coffeehouse.

Video 5: Samantha Charwat; Tap Dancing


MLHS has seen many singers and instrumentalists show off their skills throughout the years, but Samantha’s tap dancing stands out among them as a fresh, unique talent. At first, the audience was perplexed by the prospect of a tap dance routine on thickly carpeted media center floor, but Samantha came prepared with her own wooden tap dancing board. It quickly became clear that her tap dancing abilities were beyond impressive, as she blew away the audience with a very technical routine. What an exciting act!


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