New Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Krumholz

This past September, Mountain Lakes High School welcomed several new staff members, including a new Spanish teacher: Mr. Krumholz. He brings a love of learning and passion for teaching to the MLHS foreign language department.

I recently interviewed Mr. Krumholz about teaching at MLHS, his career, and his inspiration. He always knew, since kindergarten, that he wanted to be a teacher. It was not until after his first semester of college, however, that he found his true passion: Spanish. A “phenomenal [and] motivating [professor] ignited this passion… for language learning.” At the same time, he also enrolled in a political science course, studying Latin American culture. Mr. Krumholz credits the combination of these two courses as his inspiration for becoming a Spanish teacher. The classes “piqued [his] interest… [and] was where it all began.” He recalled that at the beginning of his college career, another professor showed him “how cool it was… [to be] able to acquire a second language that wasn’t [his] own.” Through this professor’s knowledge and guidance, he came to understand how rewarding teaching a language really is. Mr. Krumholz hopes to inspire others to value language learning as much as he does. 

After eight years of teaching Spanish to middle and high school students in Springfield, NJ, Mr.Krumholz says that the primary reason for his love of teaching is his committed and enthusiastic students. He noted a similar high level of enthusiasm between his students in Springfield and MLHS. As far as differences between the two schools, Mr. Krumholz pointed to the lack of an honors language track in Springfield. The option for a more rigorous language curriculum in Mountain Lakes interested Mr. Krumholz when he first looked at making the switch to MLHS. He added that the best part of the day at MLHS is teaching his five classes, which are “amazing [and] incredible.”

He also recognized administrators and coworkers (especially those within his department) for being “such talented people.” They, in combination with his students, make going to school every day truly a “remarkable experience.” In addition to teaching Spanish, Mr. Krumholz is also one of the Spanish Club advisors, along with Sra. Rodríguez. When asked about what he wants everyone to know about the club, he said that the club is growing and new members are always welcome. Underclassmen, especially, are encouraged to join. Furthermore, the Spanish club is having its first “Cuisine and Culture of Mexico” celebration, and all Spanish Club members are invited to attend.

His enthusiasm for school and passion for teaching make it evident that Mr. Krumholz fits right into Mountain Lakes High School’s “tradition of honest excellence” and devotion to Laker Pride.

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