The Perks of Being Single on Valentine’s Day

In Christian culture, Valentine’s Day commemorates the day of Saint Valentine’s burial, celebrating his love for his land and martyrdom in  Ancient Rome. Thus, the original creation of Valentine’s Day had nothing to do with the love between two partners.

However, owing to popular culture, Valentine’s Day has evolved into a day when a man is supposed to express his feelings for a woman and vice versa…yet in 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 124.6 million Americans 16 years and older were single, or 50.2 percent of the population. But being alone on Valentine’s Day does have its perks!

1. Ever heard of something called Papa John’s?

Well, every year on Valentine’s Day, Papa John’s creates a heart shaped pizza. They sold more than 60,000 in 2011 and were expected to sell more than 75,000 last year.  Ordering one of these alone and taking it to the face is basically taking part in a new American tradition. In fact, it’s downright patriotic.

Share with a friend, or better yet, just eat it all by yourself.

2. No money? No problem!

Flowers, candy, and dinner all add up, and the nation as a whole spends approximately $20 billion, while the average American spends approximately $147 on Valentine’s Day. Single people can save money! Save money for something cool, like a tub of ice cream. Or treat yourself to a steak dinner after work one day.

3. Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday this year.

You’re halfway through the work week and already feeling ground down and ready to quit. How are you supposed to make it to the next weekend? That’s crazy. This is a good rest day. Stay home and watch a movie.

4. You don’t have to buy roses.

90% of flowers come from Colombia or Ecuador. Also from there: banana spiders. These spiders were identified in the 2012 Guinness Record Book as the world’s most dangerous spider. There is nothing to stop them from hiding in a rose. I’d go as far as to say by sniffing one up close you are risking certain death. Don’t die on me.

Do you want one of these crawling around your roses? Yeah, me neither. Better leave the roses alone.

5. Chocolate?

Who needs it? It’s empty calories. Caffeine is a drug. If your dog gets a hold of it, he will die. What do you think, it grows on trees? Actually it does. It does grow on trees. And the workers probably sing happy songs while they pick it down. Chocolate is the best thing ever, and if you are single you get all of it to yourself.

6. Get Mom something.

She raised you. Roses are deadly, so maybe get her a bathrobe, or just tell her you love her. She’ll appreciate it.

7. There are a lot of single people out there.

Everybody feels a little more desperate on Valentine’s Day. I’m not suggesting you take advantage of that. This isn’t the Pick Up Artist’s Handbook. However, this might be a day where it’s a little easier to break the ice with a stranger.

Bonus: February is the month of love. What’s the main difference between a calendar and a single person? A calendar has dates…

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