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Get Your Workout On

Mr. Carmiche has opened a fitness studio servicing the residents of Morris county. The highly-anticipated center launched July 8th and is located on 36 Midvale Road suite L3 in Mountain Lakes.

A fit, buff, workout machine, Mike Carmiche is the head trainer and owner of Mike’s Multi Training, LLC. He has numerous years of personal training experience and has a Ph.D. in Martial Sciences, MS in Health Sciences, and a BA in Health and Physical Education. He also has written several fitness books.

A variety of services are available at Mike’s Multi Training including self defense, nutritional evaluation, reiki, yoga, massage, and vigorous sport-specific training. There are a total of five separate instructors, each specializing in one of these categories. The program offers group fitness classes in addition to online classes and accepts clients as young as 8 years of age.

His exclusive style has afforded clients with rapid and desirable results. The club is a great facility for both mental and physical health.

If you want to know more information about Carmiche’s gym, you can check out his website at

Don’t Eat Anything Mikhale Wouldn’t Eat

Healthy eating is one of the most important contributors to having a functional body and mind. This is influential no matter what your age is or background. A healthy diet can have an impact on physical performance, stress, and hormonal balances. However, eating healthy can be different for  each person because it depends on an individual’s goals and genetics. Food choices can differ if a person is trying to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight. No matter the goal, the underlying premise is always the same:

  • Calories in Versus Calories Out

Calories in versus calories out basically means that in order to lose weight, you have to eat less calories than you burn in a day. Since this depends on age, weight, gender, genetics, and physical activity, this number is different for each person. However, there are calculators online to help you  get an idea of how many calories you are burning throughout the day. This is why counting calories is important, because it is the only surefire way to gain or lose weight. Counting calories means that whenever you eat or drink, you have to count every calorie that has been consumed.

Eating a lot of greens and fruits is a great way to stay lean because they do not contain that many calories. So keep in mind that if you eat right, you feel right. If you feel right, you look right. If you look right, you do right.

  • Be Smart, Eat Smart

I am planning to gain 15 pounds for the start of track season and that goal may be different from yours. In order for me to accomplish my goal, I need to eat a lot of meat and carbs but also level that out with greens and fruits. To do this, each morning I have a green smoothie with all of my micros, in order to eat a lot of other calories throughout the day. After my workout, I usually have a protein shake with some chicken breasts and yogurt; then for dinner I just have whatever my mom cooks. Rather than simply cut calories, identify your goals and come up with plan that suits your needs.


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  1. I miss Mr. Carmiche, should I say Doctor Carmiche! When I was in high school- about 6 or 7 years ago- he was always talking about owning a business to purse his passion of martial arts and self defense. Glad it has become successful! And since when did he get a phD? Props to him!!

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